Britain to face more extreme weather

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Let’s face it, rainwater systems have long played an important role in British building. After all, we have a temperate, damp climate and rain is regular occurrence. However, it seems as though major downpours are likely to become even more common across the country.

This means it’s more important than ever to take advantage of effective rainwater pipes and other systems that are capable of channelling water away quickly and effectively.

Environment Agency warning

According to the Environment Agency, the UK faces increasingly extreme weather conditions, and flooding will play a role in this. The organisation suggested that the country urgently needs to improve its anti-flood defences while also preparing for periods of serious drought, the Guardian reports.

Its worrying conclusion came in the wake of analysis of weather patterns, river levels and flooding events last year, which revealed that some parts of Britain suffered record levels of drought before facing some of the worst flooding ever seen in the country.

In 2012, flooding was recorded on 20 per cent of days, while drought was recorded on 25 per cent of days. Meanwhile, rivers including the Tyne, Ouse and Tone varied from their lowest recorded flows to their highest in just four months.


Commenting on the unusual weather, Lord (Chris) Smith, chairman of the agency, said: “It was an extraordinary year and it serves as a warning for the country that we face a future in which there are likely to be more and more extreme weather events.”

He added: “We need, very urgently, to prepare plans to deal with these extremes.”

Talking about the huge variations in conditions, the expert went on to state: “We saw environmental damage caused by rivers with significantly reduced flows, hosepipe bans affecting millions and farmers and businesses left unable to take water from rivers. But we also saw the wettest year on record in England.”

Some stats

The Guardian pointed out that while water flow in the Tyne in March 2012 was 28 per cent of its long-term average for that time of year, by June its flow was at 406 per cent following months of heavy rain.

Meanwhile, according to Lord Smith, for every £1 spent on flood defences, £8 is saved in damage caused by flooding.

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