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Smart drainage solutions mean a flat roof isn’t an issue

When architects and developers build houses they think about the aesthetics as well as practical considerations. After all, how a home looks plays a big part in whether someone will buy it or not. Sometimes a flat roof looks better. It might suit the style of property better or make smarter use of the plot and fit in neatly with its surroundings. However, when designing this type of property there needs to be proper consideration given to drainage solutions. A flat roof presents its own set of unique challenges in terms of ensuring efficient drainage. Designers and developers must take this into account.

There’s nothing to stop good drainage with a flat roof, provided the design is smart and effective enough. It needs to be built in such a way that water can quickly and easily run off and down into gutters. This helps to prevent “ponding” on the surface of the roof. If the roof is poorly designed then silt deposits will gather. Ultimately they might freeze in winter which then puts pressure on the roof membrane. Over time this is going to cause serious issues. The roof could even collapse.

If a flat roof is chosen then whoever is responsible for the design needs to consider the following issues. Firstly any potential deflection of the structural members and decking under dead and imposed loads. This is a particular problem with timber and metal deck roofs. Secondly they need to be aware of any possible inaccuracies in construction. And finally the type of weatherproofing material used. In practice the desired fall might be tough to achieve, so designers have to think in terms of going even steeper. Underestimate these issues and that’s when the problems start.

In terms of flat roof drainage it’s important to think about worst case scenarios. How will the system cope in the event of extreme rainfall? When a storm hits can all the water drain away quickly and effectively? For home owners it’s reassuring to know that there are minimum quality standards that developers must comply with. This gives people the peace of mind that when they buy a flat roof home it has been designed to meet and comply with these standards.

There’s no reason to assume that a flat roof drain is not as effective as a drainage system in a regular property. By incorporating smart design and by adhering to quality standards, developers and designers can realise their vision for a smart modern home, but crucially avoid design flaws that could cause owners problems further down the line.

A flat roof can be used to stunning effect to create a very different kind of property. Drainage doesn’t have to be an issue. Dedicated flat roof systems have been specially designed to provide adequate drainage that prevents the build up of water and silt deposits. Clever design opens up all kind of different options. A home doesn’t have to follow a standard template. Developers can be bold and different, provided they get the drainage right.

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