Effective guttering systems are key

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When it is installed and maintained properly, guttering tends to go relatively unnoticed. However, this does not mean such systems are incidental. Indeed, the significance of gutters quickly becomes apparent if and when problems arise.
Therefore, if you’re seeking guttering for a new building or need to replace the systems on an existing building, you’re no doubt after top-quality versions that work perfectly and can stand the test of time. Succeeding in finding products like this can make your life much easier in the long run.
Rain-soaked Britain
Britain’s gutters have been tested over recent months. After periods of below average rain fall earlier this year, the UK has since been soaked by successive bouts of heavy rain and the Christmas period has not escaped the deluge.
At various stages in the run-up to the festive season, parts of UK sustained localised flooding and parts of Wales were among those worst affected. The city of St Asaph was badly hit, with around 400 properties damaged by the rising water.
Climate change?
Visiting the area in the wake of the event, Welsh secretary David Jones noted that such high levels of rainfall were an unusual occurrence. However, he added that they could be part of a broader trend.
He remarked: “If you look at St Asaph you’ll see that a massive amount of flood defence work has been carried out over the years. I think that what we had on this occasion was a very exceptional occurrence. I have talked to the Environment Agency who say this is the highest flood since 1976, so it’s a very rare occurrence.
“Given the frequency that we’re experiencing this sort of event it’s got to be wondered whether in fact this is climate change manifesting itself.”
Getting the best gutters
Regardless of whether or not you link the high levels of rainfall seen over recent months to climate change, you may be keen to seek the best possible gutters and this is where we come in. Here at Alumasc we’re experts when it comes to these products and should have just what you’re after.
We’re the UK’s leading manufacturer of BBA-certified aluminium guttering and rainwater systems and with our help, you can help ensure your buildings are able to cope with deluge after deluge if necessary.
Take your pick
You certainly won’t be stuck for choice if you come here to find the systems. We offer a complete range of polyester powder coated aluminium gutters, downpipes and integrated fascias and soffits.
Whether you’re after traditional versions or products that have a more traditional appearance, we can help.
Built to perform
The best thing about our systems is the fact that they are built to perform. This means that when you hand over your money for our solutions, you can enjoy peace of mind.
If you’d like to see our full range of gutters and other products, just take a look around the rest of our website. Meanwhile, for more information you can get in touch by phone or email.
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