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The creation of the facade of a building is a critical stage which could mean the difference between your structure looking attractive and looking incongruous or ugly. Even buildings that are not blessed in the looks department can really benefit from effective and well designed soffits and fascia that work to hide undesirable aspects. Along with a well realised, working drainage system, you can refresh the look of the building without having to break the bank with a complete redesign of the facade. In choosing Alumasc, you have accessed on of the UK’s primary suppliers of bespoke drainage and facade products that are proven to not only look great, but provide performance that can take the pressure off maintenance crews.

In Business

We have some truly professional designs for businesses that want a premium look for their buildings. With proven guttering, fascias, soffits, coping and anti-climb systems, you are in good hands. Our aluminium can be tailored to the exact needs of both the building and yourselves, meeting your requirements in both the performance and looks departments. Each product benefits from our in house high quality powder-coated aluminium process that allows us to deliver to you ready to install. This means that you get a premium, non-corrosive and weatherproof system instantly. Do not think that these options are going to break the bank either – our designs and products are diverse, and along with a skilled design team, we can work with you to realise a solution that not only exceeds your expectations but also costs less than you thought. These can be fitted to all of your buildings for a consistent look and theme that helps to draw your buildings together under one brand and look.

Our capping uses the same aluminium technology while also being easy to install to both new structures and old. They will fit all upstanding parapets and will also allow for ventilation over the top of the wall.

One of the most important products for businesses is the anti-climb system. Our curved barriers are designed to increase security no matter where they are deployed, preventing trespassers from entering the more sensitive areas of your facility. They are also easy to install to each gutter to create a secure but unobtrusive security feature that will pay you back in the long run.

Matching Guttering

Rainwater guttering has quite a job with UK businesses. Not only do they have to withstand the weather but also must drive down the cost of maintenance. A bad guttering system will need maintenance every couple of months during the winter becoming easily clogged with leaves and debris, perhaps even pouring rain water into important areas. We have a range of aluminium options including the Heritage, Aqualine and GX systems, each of which can be adapted to your facility. They are lightweight and extremely durable withstanding the freeze-thaw expansion and contraction that often cracks so many other systems. Call us today to talk about how our systems can be used together to ensure your property not only looks the part, but performs admirably as well.

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