Making sure your buildings stand up to extreme weather

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When you’re designing and constructing new buildings, there are lots of issues for you to bear in mind and one of them is the weather.

It’s impossible to produce a good building without considering what sort of environmental conditions it will be subject to once complete. For example, here in the UK, effective rainwater systems are vital. We get lots of wet weather all year round and this water needs to be channelled properly.

More extreme conditions

It seems as though individuals in the construction industry may have to start planning for more extreme weather conditions. Over recent years, Britain has experienced droughts and flooding, and the weather so far this spring has been unseasonably chilly.

Easter Sunday was the coldest on record in the country and temperatures remained below freezing for many.

Fluctuating on a grand scale

A recent article in the Guardian suggested that the nation’s weather is “fluctuating on a grand scale” and becoming increasingly hard to forecast in the long-term.

Commenting on the changes, meteorologist Nicholas Klingaman of Reading University said: “There is no doubt that the recent weather has been highly changeable – on both sides of the Atlantic. We have blizzards and flooding. America has had droughts and scorching temperatures.”

The expert went on to note that the cause of this irregularity is the jet stream, which is a narrow band of strong winds that circles the planet. About this, Mr Klingaman remarked: “Its behaviour has changed dramatically in the past few years and has produced these lengthy bouts of extreme weather. The real question, of course, is an obvious one: why has the jet stream changed its behaviour?”

Climate change

The Guardian suggested that global warming could be triggering the changes. It said: “The planet’s weather systems are being stirred and shaken and the cause is closely linked to climate change, the result of the trillions of tonnes of carbon that we have been pumping into our atmosphere.”

Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst

Of course, most people want to see largely fine and dry weather. However, while hoping for the best, it’s important to prepare for the worst and as recent flood events in many parts of the UK have shown, the impact of excessive levels of rainfall can be disastrous.

To help ensure that your buildings are as well prepared as possible for periods of heavy and prolonged rain, it’s really important that you invest in effective drainage systems and rainwater pipes.

Taking control

You might not be able to control when the heavens open, but by being shrewd and making your buildings as rain-proof as possible, you can help to mitigate the ill-effects of major downpours.

Here at Alumasc we offer a whole range of BBA-certified downpipes and other systems that might be ideal for your building projects. To find out more about these, just take a look around the rest of our website or get in touch with our friendly and helpful team by phone or email.

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