Preparing properties for winter

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We might have enjoyed a pleasant summer here in the UK this year, but you shouldn’t let this lull you into a false sense of security. Winter is now well and truly on the way and if you want to protect your property from the harsher conditions, it may be a good idea to make some preparations.

For example, perhaps your property could benefit from new and improved rainwater systems. By addressing any potential problems you have with your current solutions, or replacing them entirely, you may be able to avoid any problems during the wet and cold weather ahead. Also, by making sure your guttering is up to the job, you can boost your peace of mind.

Your house needs you

Commenting on this issue, a recent Cambridge News article stated: “Summer is well and truly behind us and that for the next few months we can look forward to falling temperatures, rising winds and increased rainfall.

“Now you might think that’s an excellent excuse to stay under the duvet and reach for the chocolates and the TV remote. Before you do that, however, your house needs you. Winter can be very unkind to the bricks and mortar in your life and sometimes they need a little support to see them through to the warmer weather.”

Spot checks

The news source recommended conducting spot checks around your abode. It remarked: “Since the chances are you haven’t done this since last autumn, gutters, pipes and drains could well have become blocked with a year’s worth of nature’s detritus. Cleaning them out will lessen the chances of flooding and damage caused by excess water.”

Of course, if your gutters have seen better days, it may be worth replacing them rather than simply clearing them. As long as you invest in good quality versions, you can rest assured they will last for many years to come.

Meanwhile, the article pointed out that the best time to check for leaks and overflows is, unfortunately, while it’s raining.

Other considerations

The piece also recommended checking your garden. About this, it said: “It’s… a good idea to cut back any grass, weeds etc that are growing near drains. These will inevitably die or shed leaves as the winter progresses and you’re much better doing the job once and doing it well. Do you have any garden ornaments that need protecting? How will your lawn mower, strimmer etc survive the winter? Is your shed watertight and secure from every invader, both natural and manmade?”

It may also be necessary to get your boiler serviced and, if you have any, your chimneys swept. In addition, now’s a good time to check your loft insulation and to fit draft excluders to any gaps, the article advised.

Check us out

If you think your rainwater systems need replacing, simply take a look around our website or get in touch with our friendly and professional team. Here at Alumasc we offer a range of solutions and should have exactly what you are after.

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