Top gutter cleaning tips

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There are plenty of superb drainage products on offer these days from firms such as Alumasc Rainwater. However, to ensure that your rainwater systems continue to perform to their full potential, it’s vital that you take care of them properly.

As part of this, you’ll need to ensure that your gutters remain clear of debris. Of course, you can always call up the experts if you don’t want to get stuck into this task yourself. However, if you fancy a spot of DIY, simply follow these top gutter cleaning tips.

Safety first

Always pay attention to safety when you’re performing this task. After all, the chances are you’ll be working high above the ground, and so any slips, trips or falls could be disastrous.

To minimise risk, make sure you choose a suitable ladder. If you can reach all the relevant areas using a stepladder, do so as these items are easier to balance on. If you can’t, choose a ladder that’s strong, sturdy and tall enough to do the job. Also, make sure you do not lean the object directly against your guttering is it can easily break off.

Never overextend yourself when you’re cleaning as this can cause you to overbalance. Even though it takes time, make sure you always shift your ladder to the most suitable spot.

It’s also a good idea to wear gloves. Much of the cleaning will be done with your hands and heavy-duty work gloves will prevent you from being cut.


The most straightforward way to clear gutters is to scoop the debris out. Simply throw the material down to the ground, where you can pick it up later. In some cases, a small shovel can help to make the task quicker, but take care not to damage your guttering.

The water test

If possible, you should run water through your gutters after clearing them to check that they aren’t backing up. This can be done with a hose.

Also, take care to check for any leaks, cracks and holes. If you can see water pouring out from anywhere other than the downspout, you may need to call in the experts to fix your guttering.

Little and often

The best approach to gutter cleaning is to do a little bit on a regular basis, rather than leaving problems to build up for many months or years. By conducting regular maintenance, you can make sure the task is never too dirty or difficult and you can ensure that your rainwater system is always functioning efficiently.

Prevention is better than cure

If you tend to get a lot of leaves in your gutters, it’s worth considering adding mesh coverings to the pipes. This will help to keep unwanted detritus out of your gutters and make your life easier in the long term. Bear in mind that if you only have problems with leaves on one side of your property, you only need to install the mesh there. This can save you time and money.

By following tips like these, you should be able to keep your gutters in tiptop condition year-round.

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